Kitchen Hacks You Need To Know

Published on 03/14/2023

These fast and ingenious kitchen tips will improve your cooking. Check them out.

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Kitchen Hacks You Need To Know


Keep Cookies Soft

After baking, add a slice of store-bought white bread to an airtight container to keep cookies and other baked products moist. Your muffins, cookies, and cakes will maintain their original softness. Family and friends will assume they’re young! If you have any leftovers, try this tip with our Large & Buttery Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Craft DIY Mason Jar Shakers

Your baking ingredients and bulk spices just received a cute update. Get your little mason jars and save the lids from your parmesan shakers. You’ll have a convenient way to measure and sprinkle once you screw the lid on. In relation to spices, did you know that you can produce a lot of your preferred concoctions at home? Greetings, taco seasoning.

Slice Steak Fries

Want your favorite restaurant’s freshly baked potato wedges? In the drawer in your kitchen, you’ll find the solution. To make the potato more stable, slice off one end, and then insert an apple slicer. Simply add your preferred seasonings. Also, you might try it using sweet potatoes.

Freeze a Soup Starter

Want year-round flavor from the garden? In resealable bags, freeze produce from farmers’ markets at the busiest time. (Just keep in mind to do this before freezing!) A mirepoix is a traditional soup starter created by blending 2/3 onion with 1/3 carrot and celery. This flavorful mixture will give your soups and broths a sweet, hearty flavor. Vegetables will keep for 8 to 12 months, allowing you to enjoy the flavors of summer even when the weather turns dismal and cold.

Use Sheet Pans as Trays

Sheet pans are no longer simply for dinner! While preparing meals, keep everything organized by using your go-to baking sheet. Maintaining organization will improve efficiency and speed up cleanup. Psst! If you use these brilliant tricks that professional chefs learned in culinary school, food preparation doesn’t have to be a chore.

Put Your Lazy Susan to Work

Choose a location on your lazy Susan to store all of your icings, sugars, and sprinkles the next time you are getting ready to bake. By using this technique, you may have a well-planned and enjoyable decorating session without having to rummage around in the cabinet’s back.

Use Your Oven as a Proofing Drawer

It can occasionally be too chilly in the kitchen to properly proof baked bread. If so, simply place the dough in the oven without turning it on. Place a pan of simmering water underneath the dough instead, then close the door. You’ll feel better because to the hot water’s warmth and humidity.

Freeze Single-Serving Sauces

Become an expert at upcycling! Little quantities of homemade sauce freeze well in egg cartons. (Especially if you need to utilize your ice trays for something other than just ice, like one of these other brilliant ideas.) Extra Basil & Parsley Pesto should be covered and frozen before being divided into cubes and placed in a freezer bag. To use, defrost cubes for two hours in the refrigerator.

Soften Butter (Even if You Forgot to Take It Out of the Fridge)

Don’t you dread it when you forget to remove the butter from the refrigerator before preparing your go-to recipe? It’s okay if you forget to preheat the butter beforehand. Butter can be quickly melted. Butter should be cut into cubes and left on the counter for 20 minutes. This is the simplest method. Smaller portions will soften up more quickly than the entire stick.

Prevent Bowls from Slipping

Need a helping hand? Experienced chefs would advise you to place a moist dish towel under your mixing bowl to prevent it from sliding around as you mix. This advice also applies when using a cutting board.

Chill Wine Super Fast

Truth: Nobody enjoys warm champagne. Get cooling by locating a tall pitcher that is roughly the same height as your wine bottle. Turn the bottle about every several minutes while it is submerged in ice water and a small amount of salt. After 20 minutes (or less! ), your alcohol will chill.

Get Golden Brown Air Fryer Food

We adore air fryers because they provide us with the crispy, fried texture we enjoy without using additional grease. Nevertheless, air fryers don’t always yield the desired golden color. But you can solve that! Giving your meal a short spritz of cooking spray before placing it in the air fryer basket is the key to achieving that ideal golden hue. You only need that very thin layer of oil.