Here Are Some Genius Gardening Hacks You’ll Be Glad You Know

Published on 05/19/2022

This collection of gardening and landscaping tips will teach you how to create the gorgeous garden and backyard you’ve always desired.

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Here Are Some Genius Gardening Hacks You’ll Be Glad You Know


Plant-in-A-Pot Landscaping Design

Have you ever wished that you could rearrange your garden after viewing how mature plants appear? Here’s one approach to go about it. You’ll need a bunch of pots that are of the same size so they can nest together. Plants should be double-potted and buried at ground level. Lift off the top pot and replace it with a new one whenever you want a change. This technique is also great for taking plants inside for the winter. This strategy is ideal for swiftly switching out seasonal plants and flowers, as well as experimenting with color and location.

Save Soil with Old Cans

For deep planters, fill the bottom with old cans and plant pots. The cans and pots improve drainage and create air pockets for better aeration and healthier soil.

Micro Greenhouse

Do you struggle to germinate seeds or cuttings? Try growing plants in Coke bottles. Remove the labels and cut the bottoms off 2-liter drink bottles. Every seed has its own mini greenhouse! Once the seeds have germinated and the cuttings have taken root, remove the greenhouses.

Cardboard Seed Tubes

Save your toilet paper and paper towel tubes for an easy and environmentally friendly way to start seeds. Place the tubes in a waterproof tray after cutting them into 2-inch lengths. Plant your seeds in the tubes after filling them with potting soil. Plant the seedlings right in their cardboard tube when they’re ready to go into the garden. The cardboard will eventually break down. To avoid wicking moisture away from the roots, keep the tube below the soil level.

Fertilize Dense Plants

When fertilizing shrubs or other dense plants, I use a length of 2′′ PVC to get the fertilizer to the plant’s base. Pour the fertilizer into the pipe by sliding one end down to the plant’s base. To make a larger opening to pour in the fertilizer, cut the top of the pipe at 45 degrees. Watson, Gordon R.

Healthy Plant Hydration

Root rot can be caused by water collecting at the bottom of pots. Cut up old sponges and place them in the bottom of the pot to combat this issue. The sponges absorb moisture while also providing necessary air space. They also keep water from draining from the bottom. The sponge functions as a reservoir for water, keeping the soil moist for longer.

Easy Mulch Spreading

It’s easier to get mulch up close to flowers and bushes if it’s in a tiny container. So I load my wheelbarrow with mulch and fill buckets and pails with it. It doesn’t matter if the mulch lands in the wheelbarrow instead of the bucket. After you’ve finished dumping the buckets, spread out the contents of the wheelbarrow in an open space.

Greenhouse from the Salad Bar

Save the plastic clamshell container the next time you go to a salad bar for lunch. It can be used as a little greenhouse in the spring to start seeds. After you’ve finished eating, properly clean the container. Punch a few small holes on the top of the container with an awl and hammer for airflow. Fill the bottom half of the container with potting soil or your own custom seed-starting soil. Plant your seeds in the container, spreading them out as directed on the seed packet. Close the top after giving the seeds a small drink of water. Place the container in a bright area and wait for your seeds to sprout. The clear plastic container acts like a greenhouse, allowing the sun and warmth to reach the plants while holding in moisture.

To-Go Coffee Cup to Water Plants

A clean coffee cup with a cover works well as a watering can. The opening on the lid is just the right size for softly pouring water to avoid overwatering your plants. This rapid watering can is very good for plants that don’t require a lot of water, such as aloe vera and cacti. Clean to-go coffee mugs with lids are usually easily available for workplace plants. Before using it as a watering can, make sure to properly clean the cup and lid.

Coffee Filter Dirt Stopper

Every spring, I spend a lot of time arranging flowers on my terrace. Potting the seedlings, daily watering, and lounging in my lounge chair admiring their beauty are all things I enjoy. But there was one thing that irritated me. When I watered my potted plants, I used to have difficulties stopping the soil from running out the bottom. I tried putting bigger stones in the pots’ bottoms, but it didn’t totally alleviate the problem.