5 Tips For Quick Gardening Success

Published on 05/16/2022

Patience is a virtue that not everyone has when creating or redesigning a garden. A few tricks help to avoid unnecessary waiting times. With these tips, your garden will be ready faster.

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5 Tips For Quick Gardening Success

Instant Privacy Protection

Many garden owners want a second seat in a cozy corner at the edge of the garden, but there is often a lack of privacy here. It takes far too long for hedges or trees to grow high enough. Ready-made willow mats or elements from the hardware store are ideal. They look natural and can be easily integrated anywhere. With wooden posts, which are attached to small concrete foundations with so-called post anchors, the privacy screen is sufficiently stable. Tip: Use a ready-mixed, quick-setting concrete for the foundations – this way you can set up the privacy screen in one day.

Flowering Shrubs For All Occasions

Shrubs are often quite short when purchased and can take years to reach the desired height. The best size to buy is between 100 and 150 centimetres. There are also species that are in a hurry to grow on their own. These include simple but effective flowering shrubs such as summer lilac, forsythia, red currant, scented jasmine or Kolkwitzia. The price makes up for the disadvantage that fast-growing shrubs usually have to be cut more often: They are cheap because they can be grown in the nursery correspondingly quickly.

Rapid Garden Success Thanks To Rolled Turf

If you have decided to lay out a lawn, you dont want to wait long for the green carpet. Although turf is more expensive than self-seeding, it is the quickest. If the turf is ready, you should not lose any time laying it, otherwise, the turf rolls will start to rot. The soil is first loosened, leveled and pre-compacted with a lawn roller. Water well after rolling out. It only takes a day from preparing the ground to having a lawn that can be walked on. In comparison, a seeded lawn takes about four to six weeks before the first mowing, depending on the weather. It takes several more weeks of mowing until the lawn is nice and thick. Rolled turf is available as decorative turf, play turf or shaded turf.

Easy Do-It-Yourself stairs

Slopes and embankments are accessible with garden stairs. If you don’t use them too often, so-called stick steps made of round wood are sufficient. No excavator is required for the system, nor is there any laborious hauling of stones. The steps are pre-modeled at step height with a spade. The vertical walls are then supported with logs, which are supported with piles. Chippings on the treads prevent the steps from getting muddy when it rains.

Colorful Beds In No Time

Do you have a large bare area that you want to transform into a sea of flowers as quickly as possible? With flower meadow mixtures, your dream can come true in just four to six weeks. Loosen the soil before sowing at the end of April/beginning of May, sow the seeds, rake in lightly, water – done! During germination, however, make sure that the seedbed does not dry out. The first species flower after just one month. Mowing takes place in June and September. Small areas can be populated with annual summer flowers, which can be bought blooming from May. A colorful summer bed can be created in just a few hours.